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Florida Artist Poster, FLAMINGO'S. Lush & Idyllic.
This is a beautifully composed poster from 1986 created by South Florida’s renowned photographer, John Gillan. The poster was made from a photo commissioned by a major cruise line in the early 80’s before the advent of Photoshop. From the artist: "The original photo (slide) was scanned.....and color induced by scanning samples of the fabrics of the cabin. A laser was used to burn the new negatives. This was done at a laser optical research lab.......Now remember we are in the early 80's long before photoshop!!!!!"

I did not know it was initially a photo, it looks more like a copy of an oil painting. It has a retro motif to it, and is lush and full. The print measures 26 inches in width and 23 inches in height. The artists name is directly under the print. The copy underneath the print reads Florida Artist, patrons of the museum of science, 3280 s. miami avenue, miami, fl oct. 24-29, 1986. All is in lower case except for Florida Artist. All copy is artistically set with an art deco font. The poster colors are superb and the idyllic nature scene, with a hint of art deco impressionism, is simply stunning.

Due to the closing of the Science Museum Thrift Store, we have several of these posters in excellent condition, @ 25.00 each.